Viva la revolution

(Valparaiso, Chile, 2011 – 2014)

Chile has one of the most expensive student fees in Latin America, Unlike its neighbors (Argentina, Bolivia) There is no universal free university education available in the country. The public universities, controlled by the State, charge monthly fees that are two or three times higher than the minimum wage, which is the salary that approx 60% of the population get every end of the month.

In 2011 a student movement emerged to the streets, claiming for quality free education in the public universities. After years struggling and the hard opposition by economical groups that make enormous revenues from their educational business, a first attempt to the final goal was achieved. In early 2018, the government of Michelle Bachelet passed a law that covered the tuition fees for the 60% of the students coming from lower income situations. There is a long way to go but was a big achievement.

This is a compilation of images made during those protest times, a testimony of a fair fight.