(Madrid, Spain. 2015-2016)

This is the story of a group of amateur bullfighters from Madrid, Spain.

It ́s a tale of “the last romantics” who face bulls… paying for it. Pretending to be professionals just to get the sensation of the ritual and expressing “art” like their idols.They don ́t aspire to become pros, nor are they looking for fame or glory, but for passion.

They live the “Culture of the Bulls”, a way of life that is disappearing from modern Spanish society.

It ́s a mixed group of around twenty people, from kids to old men. All of them learn the techniques of bullfighting from a retired professional, Jesus Perez, “The Madrileño”, Maestro of this heterogeneous and sometimes surreal herd of students.

Once a month, they leave their normal lives to become “heroes” for a couple of minutes, dressed up like real matadores, facing little (and not so little) beasts in the countryside.

It ́s a story of modern Quijotes, passion, and dreams. An atypical portrait of the Iberic culture that nowadays the rest of Spanish society rather ignores.